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Life is a bitch.

Hello :) I'm a girl, 18 years old, asexual. I post/reblog just stuff I like, depends on my mood. My ask box is always open for everyone.




every day:

  • go outside to feel the sun (5-15 minutes is recommended)
  • if there is no sun step outside and inhale fresh air
  • drink water - the more cups the better
  • listen to one song that makes you happy
  • talk to one person you like - do not hesitate to reach out
  • stretch; don’t forget about your body
  • smile in the mirror

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when you walk away from your friends to go fart in a far away spot and someone walks over to you


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Alright here it is!

My new song “Just Another” has recently been sent off to be mixed and mastered and should be back to be released in about 2-3 weeks (most likely on August 20th, 2014). So I started writing a new song, and this is what I’ve come up with so far; nothing final, just an idea x

I don’t much of a following on YouTube so please go like/comment on this video there! Hope you like it x

ah love this guy!!!

omg hes so talented

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Imagine sitting beside your icon on a 14 hours plane ride

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im a really affectionate person once you get past my 5 layers of shyness, awkwardness, fear, vague dislike, and loneliness

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~common sad black and white blog~